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Second international conference

Industrial organization and spatial economics


The HSE Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics (HSE CMSSE) is organizing a second international conference “Industrial Organization and Spatial Economics” on June 27-28, 2013.

Topics of interest include: industrial organization, spatial economics, imperfect competition, international trade, urban economics, and new economic geography.

The working language - English.

Researchers working in the above fields are invited to submit papers for presentation at the conference. Both empirical and theoretical papers will be considered. Papers focusing on mathematical modeling are most welcome.

Keynote speakers:


Kristian Behrens.
Université du Québec à Montreal, Canada.

Presentation title:
«Trade crisis? What trade crisis?»



Mathieu Parenti
CORE, Universite Catholique de Leuven, Belgium.

Presentation title:
«Monopolistic competition where atoms are not too big».



Pierre Picard
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Presentation title:
«Trade, economic geography and the choice of product quality».



Frédéric Robert-Nicoud
Université de Genève, Switzerland.

Presentation title:
«Trade and cities: on uneven effects of trade liberalization».


Dos Santos

Rodolphe Dos Santos 
Université de Strasbourg, France.

Presentation title:
«Yawks and doves on the segmented markets: a formal approach to competitive aggressiveness».



Federico Trionfetti 
Aix-Marseille Université, France.

Presentation title:
«Firm-level comparative advantage».



Dao-Zhi Zeng 
Graduate School of Information Sciences Tohoku University.

Presentation title:
«Home market effect: beyond the constant elasticity of substitution».

The scientific committee of the conference include: 

CMSSE Academic Advisor Professor Jacques-François Thisse (CORE - Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium; HSE CMSSE) – chair of committee; 

Senior researcher Sergey Kokovin (Sobolev Institute of mathematics; HSE CMSSE); 

Senior researcher Professor Vladimir Matveenko (HSE CMSSE); 

Senior researcher Philip Ushchev (HSE CMSSE).

There are no registration fees.

Venue: Radisson Hotel, Nevsky Prospect 49/2, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Local organizer: Philip Ushchev (HSE CMSSE) – ph.ushchev@gmail.com